Miracles are like pimples…

The more we pray and expect prayers to be answered – and expect miracles to happen - the more they are.

It’s a bit like pimples.

As Lemony Snicket puts it, Miracles are like pimples because, once you start looking for them, you find more than you ever dreamed you’d see.

More and more we are realizing that our brains seldom see what’s really there before our eyes. But we simply see what our brains expect to see.

It’s the same with the internal narratives we tell - about situations, ourselves and other people. We expect work to be boring and, lo and behold, it is boring. We expect our partner to come home grumpy and, yes, he does come home grumpy. He tell ourselves we can’t get fit and, guess what, we don’t get fit.

But what happens if we turn this all upside down?

Rather than focusing on our disappointments, the failings of those around us and our own incompetence - what if we see our blessings, what if we tell ourselves a different story about the people around us and about ourselves too?

What if we truly accept that we are loved, that God loves us – just the way we are? And that God wants to bless us, and does bless us, every single day?

When I go to the supermarket I buy bananas, cucumbers, edamame beans, fizzy mineral water, brown rice and medjool dates. Of course, the supermarket has hundreds and thousands of other products – but I don’t really know what they are. I’m not looking for them. And yet they do exist.

It’s the same with how we approach our lives. We expect the same old thing every day. But let’s pray that all kinds of new blessings will be given to us, all kinds of opportunities to flourish and bring blessing to others. And let’s expect those prayers to be answered.

Maybe something fun will happen at work? Maybe our partner will announce that he’s arranged a nice treat? Maybe we’ll have the energy to go for a long walk and feel fitter and healthier for it?

From early childhood we are trained to limit our horizons. It’s not safe to talk to strangers. We shouldn’t sing in the street – people will think we are odd. We pick up the widely accepted understanding that life is about collecting material things and so we’d better work hard at school if we want to compete and get these things. We don’t grow up expecting to be blessed, to see all kinds of exiting opportunities - if we are open to them.

When we align ourselves with God through prayer, we start to see the world through God’s eyes – in all its exquisite beauty and opportunity to bring peace, joy and love, even in the darkest places.

So start saying thank you. Every day. Open your eyes to your blessings. And expect God to surprise you – by showing his love for you and helping you to become the amazing person he has created you to be.

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Posted by Martine Oborne