Time to put prayer to the test

If you’ve been reading these emails and posts you’ll know that - not only do I believe God exists but I also believe that God hears and answers our prayers.

God is everywhere. And we just need to plug into Him, to pay attention to Him (through prayer) to access His amazing power and desire to bless us.

So let’s actually put all this to the test.

Maybe you don’t feel as confident as I do that God truly exists. That God hears and answers prayer.

So let’s find out.

I want to encourage you to carry out an experiment.

And here’s how it goes.

I want you to ask God for a blessing, for an unexpected gift, something truly surprising. To ask God for help in recognising this blessing. And to give God a deadline.

So how do you feel about doing an experiment like this?

Well, maybe you feel it’s a bit selfish or inappropriate. Maybe you feel you don’t deserve a gift. Or you should only get something you truly need.

Well, I want you to set aside those feelings.

Just for a short time. Let’s say 48 hours.

Because these feelings of scepticism and unworthiness get in the way of our connection in prayer.

Instead, remember what Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find.’ It’s like when we ask for a blessing, God doesn’t feel irritated or ‘means test’ our worthiness, he simply blesses us. And says ‘My pleasure!’

So set aside all scepticism for the experiment. Just for 48 hours. And expect to see proof. Proof that God exists and hears and answers our prayers. Expect this with your whole heart, with every ounce of your soul.

Years ago, when I wanted to be sure of the existence of God, I prayed for a sign. I told God I wasn’t going to waste time on Him, I wasn’t going to carry on going to Church, reading my Bible and praying if I wasn’t even sure he existed. I said I needed a sign. And a sign right away. I prayed for this with my whole heart, with every ounce of my soul. And God answered my prayer immediately in an incredibly powerful way. Literally shaking the house with thunder and lightning (even though it wasn’t even raining at the time and didn’t rain all night.) And He’s gone on answering my prayers ever since.

So here’s the experiment:

  1. Pick a time to start. Now usually works well for me.
  2. Jot down the time and the date.
  3. Ask God to make his existence and presence known to you.
  4. Ask God for a blessing, an unexpected gift.
  5. Observe. Pay full attention and expect God to answer your prayer.

If you do this experiment – whatever the results – do please share how you get on – either privately letting me know or sharing and encouraging others by posting your story on Facebook in our private MO Community Group. Sign up here to be invited to the Facebook group.

Posted by Martine Oborne