To be Christians we need to be self-giving, but we need to be self-loving too…

A very special woman in my congregation, and friend, died recently and she left a prayer in her papers that she particularly loved.

I thought I’d share that prayer, as it speaks both of the person she was and also of the people we are all called to be as Christians – people who are both self-giving and self-loving.

My friend always had time for others and yet she also made sure she enjoyed life to the full.

So often we are good at doing one of these things, but rarely both.

And yet, Jesus calls us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. So, to be self-giving we must be self-loving too. And when we are self-loving we find ourselves being self-giving too. It’s a wonderful cycle.

So here’s the prayer:

Just for today help us to take one day at a time,
and not try to tackle all of life’s problems before lunch.

Just for today help us to adjust to what is,
and not to keep trying to adjust everything else to our own desires.

Just for today encourage us to strengthen our minds - to learn something useful, to read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.

Just for today help us to nourish our souls in three ways – to do somebody a good turn and not to get found out; to do something we don’t want to do; and, if our feelings are hurt, not to show it.

Just for today help us to look as agreeable as we can, to speak low, to act courteously, to be non-judgemental in our dealings with others, and not to try to improve anybody except ourselves.

Just for today help us to find a quiet half hour by ourselves for meditation and relaxation when we can try to get a better perspective of our lives.

Just for today help us to be unafraid – especially let us not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful.