The most defining thing about Jesus...

If you were asked to describe Jesus, you might say he was compassionate, courageous, truthful, generous and humble. Or many other things.

But, reflecting on this question recently, I think that the most defining thing about Jesus is that he knows that he is loved.

From the very outset of Jesus's ministry, at his baptism - before he has healed or taught or challenged anyone - Jesus hears God say to him 'You are my Son, my Beloved, in whom I am well pleased.'

Knowing and accepting that God loves him completely and unconditionally brings Jesus into a oneness with God and gives him the power to do and to be all the things God calls him to do and to be.

As brothers and sisters of Jesus, we too are children of God and we are loved completely and unconditionally.

It's hard, however, for us to know and accept this - as we feel so unworthy. In fact, we ARE so unworthy. But the starting point of our journey as disciples, as pilgrims, is to know and accept God's love for us, whatever our failures and weaknesses. And when we do this, the Holy Spirit descends on us like a dove and gives us the power to be and do what God intends.

So take some time to sprinkle some water on your head - in symbolism of baptism. Say no to everything that puts a barrier between you and God and say yes to the love God wants to pour into your heart today.

Then you will be the compassionate, courageous, truthful, generous and humble person God calls you to be. And you will have the power to do many great things.

Posted by Martine Oborne