A strange beginning...

I've always known what I wanted in life - a big house on Highbury Fields, a red BMW, the perfect family...and to be a published author.

And the funny thing is that, if I scroll back twenty years, I see that I had already achieved all these things.

Not bad you might think.

So, all I've had to do since then is to sit back and enjoy. Right?

Well, strangely not.

The thing is that no matter how much success seemed to come my way, I couldn't help feeling there was something else I needed, that something was missing in my life. Something important. I was right where I wanted to be but at the same time I couldn't help feeling lost.

I didn't know at that time that God existed. If anyone had asked me, I would have laughed and said of course He didn't exist.

But God was about to make his presence known to me in some amazing ways - and that He was very much alive...

I'm now in the process of writing a book about the incredible number of miracles I've experienced in my life - both before I came to know God and after.

On this website and through weekly emails - sign up here - you'll be able to hear these stories. And I hope that they will encourage you to recognise miracles in your own life too.

Once we get to know God and realise how much He wants to bless us - we'll be experiencing miracles every single day.

Today I live in a modest vicarage in Chiswick, I drive a beloved beige Skoda, have a perfect family (perfect only because of their very many and much loved IMperfections)...and I haven't published a book in over a decade.

Nonetheless, I don't think there's anything I need in life, anything missing at all. I have enough. I am enough. My life is full of joy and blessing.

I no longer feel lost. I have been found.

Posted by Martine Oborne