Making the most of every meal..

Jesus was often criticised for eating and drinking too much. But, although Jesus wants us to live our lives in tune with God - being compassionate, courageous and generous - he also wants us to enjoy life and celebrate!

Here's a picture of me enjoying dinner with my oldest daughter and friends. It's her birthday and so a special meal. But, as a Christian, I now consider all meals to be special and opportunities to give thanks and to build relationship with others.

Before I became a Christian, I would often skip meals - eating a couple of packs of hula hoops at my desk and sipping a Diet coke. Not only was this seriously unhealthy, it was a complete waste of so many wonderful opportunities to be with other people and to share love and friendship.

When Jesus ate his last meal with his disciples, the night before he died, he said 'Remember me every time you do this' - every time you eat and drink together. Which is, of course, a daily opportunity.

So take a look at your diary and make sure you spend as many meals as possible with others and that find more and more reasons to be thankful and to celebrate.

Posted by Martine Oborne