Why we can't get to know God without getting to know Jesus..

24 Feb 2017

When I was beginning to get to know God, I soon realised that God didn't operate alone - but together with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Yes. I know it sounds complicated.

But as soon as I opened my heart and mind to the possibility of God, I began to see God in Jesus. And I began to have an amazing sense of new life and power - that I've come to call the Holy Spirit.

So who is Jesus? And, if we only want to get to know God, why do we need to get to know Jesus too?

Well I would say that Jesus - a Jewish rabbi who lived 2000 years ago in Palestine - lived an earthly life so close to God that we Christians talk of Him as the Son of God.

More than that, Jesus was so completely one with God that when he gave his life for us - it was the same as God sacrificing his life for us. And this meant that we can be forgiven for all the stuff we mess up in life and start again. Like, start a new life.

But, all this is getting ahead of myself.

Let me explain first how Jesus came into the picture for me.

It was around the time that my father suddenly became ill and was in intensive care. I was still quite new to praying and I was not sure what I might expect from God when I prayed.

But the night my father died, I cried out to God in great fear and confusion. I wanted to know where my father had gone and what would happen to him. I didn't like the thought of him going off on some unknown journey all alone.

So did God answer my prayer? Well, no he didn't. But Jesus did.

Jesus appeared to me and said, 'Don't be afraid [something you'll discover Jesus tells us over and over again] - I have come to get your father and I will take him home with me.' And then something else amazing happened - but I'll tell you more about that later. Sign up here for more.

But, just for now, start getting to know Jesus. Because getting to know Jesus is just like getting to know God.