Amazing blessings..

Sometimes we can intentionally turn and look for God and - when we do this - we can be sure that He will run out to meet us.

But sometimes we can intentionally turn away from God and live our lives as though He doesn't exist and - when we do that - we can be sure that He will set out to find us. That He will pursue us.

That's certainly how it felt for me.

In my twenties and thirties I had a great job, a growing family, all kinds of success and I felt like I was doing all this in my own strength with no input from God - thank you very much.

So what do you think God did about this?

Do you think He thought it was time to take me down a peg or two, to teach me a lesson?

He would have been quite justified if He did.

But no. What God did was to just keep on blessing me over and over again. I knew I didn't deserve such blessings - health, financial security, beautiful children - but God blessed me so much that I couldn't help myself from feeling thankful. And wondering who on earth I was supposed to thank.

When my third child (pictured above with his sisters) at the age of twelve months had a nasty eye condition - that needed a small operation under general anaesthetic - you might think I would have prayed for God's protection. But I didn't. Such was my stubbornness in my unbelief. Nonetheless, I was deeply concerned for my child - and something within me, I recognise now, was wordlessly crying out that he would be OK.

On the day of the operation, I woke up feeling fearful about the day ahead. The prospect of my baby having a general anaesthetic was quite horrible.

I went to the cot and picked him up. And, as I did this, I looked at his eyes and saw immediately that the condition in one eye had completely cleared up. It was like a miracle.

This eye condition had persisted for twelve months, ever since my child's birth - causing him much irritation and making him often barely able to see - and doctors were convinced it would not now clear up on its own.

So, for it to suddenly clear up - and only hours before surgery - felt truly a miracle.

I called the doctor and he said let's put the operation on hold. And then the next day I woke up and found that the other eye was completely better too.

I can't say that I then got down on my knees and gave my life to God. But that day was a turning point. When I felt I could no longer ignore God, when I had to admit that God had succeeded in getting my attention.

And He had done this not through fire and brimstone - but by blessing after blessing after blessing.

Posted by Martine Oborne